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8th Creative Business Forum and BRICS National Brands Exhibition Held at SPIEF 2024

The 8th Creative Business Forum, organized by the Innosocium Foundation, the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation, took place on 8 June, the final day of SPIEF 2024, with participants discussing the outlook for creative industry development within BRICS and focusing on the preservation of cultural diversity and national identity.

The Forum programme included 16 sessions dedicated to local creative trends, the role of business in promoting inclusion, encouraging creative interaction within BRICS, new industrial cinema, and promising cinematic genres and media. The SPIEF business programme also included a plenary session entitled ‘Great Cultures: New Opportunities for Creative Interaction among BRICS Countries’.

Session participants shared their success stories and discussed how to encourage continued development in a wide range of social and creative entrepreneurship. The speakers considered how the creative industries might contribute to a more sustainable future, highlighted ergonomic solutions, the synergy created when innovation and creativity are combined, and how to integrate national traditions into a modern culture.

“Creative entrepreneurship can most effectively be developed upon existing traditional cultural values and an inherited creative legacy together with human capital. Modern technology is changing, international relations are being transformed, globalization is giving way to a desire for something unique, and this is most clearly manifested in tradition. The Creative Business Forum has proven its value as a discussion platform for pressing issues of creative entrepreneurship and its ability to stimulate practical interest in business and ensure the place of the creative sector within the economy,” Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee Anton Kobyakov said.

The BRICS National Brands Exhibition coincided with SPIEF 2024 as part of the plan of events for Russia’s BRICS Chairship in 2024. The event took place during SPIEF, from 6 to 8 June, in the historic Imperial Academy of Arts on Vasilyevsky Island. Event organizers screened cult classics and a collection of film posters from the Gosfilmofond repository, as well as art installations created by students of the Academy. Additional stands were set up at the EXPOFORUM Exhibition and Convention Centre to make sure that all Forum participants and guests wishing to do so were able to take in the unique exhibits. The expositions featured a unique collection of national film posters from different years in BRICS countries timed to coincide with screenings of Russian films in those countries.

“The exhibition showed how talented artists used design graphics to create masterpieces more than fifty years ago that would go on to define the graphic language of the future and become an integral part of the national artistic heritage. The exhibition is a fascinating study of the history of film posters, the history of Soviet cinema, and, most importantly, the history of BRICS, because art does not exist outside of its historical context,” Roscongress Foundation Chairman of the Board and CEO Alexander Stuglev said.

The exposition concept was the work of Semyon Mikhailovsky.

Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation Elena Marinina was the creative director and organizer of the exhibition area showcasing the creative achievements and cultural diversity of the peoples of Russia and BRICS countries.

The programme partner was VKontakte, the event’s main social network and streaming service. The general media partner was Gazprom-Media Holding. Information support for the event was provided by Independent Media Holding.

The Roscongress Foundation manages the events of Russia’s BRICS Chairship.

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