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Kazan. 22–24 October 2024

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EMERCOM Representatives Discuss Disaster Risk Management in BRICS

The 6th meeting of the BRICS Working Group on Disaster Risk Management was held at Arkhangelsk’s Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University on 16–17 April as part of the plan of events for Russia’s BRICS Chairship.

Over the course of two days, BRICS representatives exchanged their experience on issues related to the development of national disaster management systems, with special attention paid to the development of natural hazard monitoring systems and alert and early warning systems. The development of national search and rescue units and a crisis management centre duty service for the timely exchange of important information were discussed. Specialists from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations shared their knowledge and experience in preventing and mitigating emergency situations in the Arctic.

A large-scale emergency response demonstration was held on an icebreaker for the foreign guests taking part in the meeting. As part of the exercise, the “Capitan Chadaev” icebreaker was to strike a rocky ridge underwater during ice removal operations in the waters of the Northern Dvina, with damage to the hull and flooding causing the main electric motors to short-circuit and the vessel to catch fire. The rescue team was tasked with evacuating the crew and providing assistance to those sustaining injuries. An Mi-8 helicopter of the Second Arkhangelsk United Aviation Squadron flew to the site to provide assistance and take part in search and rescue operation, delivered EMERCOM of Russia team members to the icebreaker who then eliminated the smoke from the fire and prepared the crew for evacuation. 23 specialists engaged 6 units of equipment to deal with the tasks assigned. Members of foreign delegations were impressed with their high level of training and the superior coordination of all the services involved.

Interaction between BRICS emergency agencies is an important part of the strategic initiatives aimed at developing a system of comprehensive security and mutual assistance. EMERCOM of Russia is doing everything it can to contribute to creating the conditions necessary for exchanging experience on a wide range of mutually beneficial topics and the potential for practical cooperation. In February, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations organized a training session by videoconference for the duty staff at crisis management centres. A firefighting exercise has been planned for BRICS firefighters in Moscow and the Moscow region for May as part of the ‘Integrated Safety and Security’ International Security Salon. The final event for the heads of BRICS emergency services will be held on 10–11 July in Kazan.

Source: EMERCOM of Russia

The Roscongress Foundation manages the events of Russia’s BRICS Chairship.

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